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Easily create a website that can attract more leads than ever and turn them into paying customers

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DIY website builder

One hour. That’s all it takes to create a slick, professional website purpose-built to grow your business.

Creating your website with 12handz is quick and fun. Taking you step by step through the process, the website builder is easy to use, with templates and layouts you can choose from and customise to your business. And because 12handz is designed for small businesses like yours, you’ll find all the features that engage your site visitors and turn them into leads and customers, such as contact forms, quote requests, online booking and more.

Mobile-friendly website

Your website adapts to every device your customers are using. So whether they go on it from the mobile phone, their tablet or their computer – it still looks amazing and can serve them if they want to leave their contact details or make a booking or order a product.

Logo Creator

Create a branded logo in no time

Professionally designed logos used to come at a price. But now there’s 12handz.


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Pick your colours


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Choose a font and any necessary icons


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Let the logo builder do the creative work for you

In just 5 minutes you’ll have a ready-to-use logo to proudly show off on your website, emails, printed materials and more.

Image and content libraries

12handz makes it easy to write content and find images for your website

Writing content. Describing your business. Finding images to show it off. It all takes time. Luckily 12handz makes it quick and easy.  

With our free libraries of ready-to-go professional pictures and copy-written texts, you’ll find everything you need to tell your unique story your own way.  

Browse the images, or search with keywords, and add them to your website in a click. Making a great impression couldn’t be easier.

Your Custom Domain

Get a branded domain that will make it easier for customers to go back to it

An easy-to-remember domain helps customers find – and come back to – your website. The website builder will help you find and buy your perfect domain. Already got one? Connect it seamlessly to your 12handz site. And if you don’t have a branded domain yet, we’ll give you a non-branded one, free of charge.

Instagram Connect

Make your website more engaging than ever with your Instagram images

Compelling images are everything. So if you’re using Instagram to promote your business, why not show off those pictures on your website too? Connect your website to your Instagram account and any images you post will automatically appear on your site. A great way to keep your site updated, and convert more visitors to customers. with engaging, beautiful images.

Google Analytics Integration

Be on top of website’s performance

Information is power. Your website integrates with Google Analytics, so you’ll always know how many visitors you’ve had, where they’ve come from and which keywords brought them there. And remember to check which of your site’s pages perform the best. That’s a simple way to decide where to invest more time and energy.

How to get started?


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Sign up for 12handz


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Insert some details about your business, industry, services and products


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Choose a template


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Add your content and images


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Publish your website




Everything you wanted to know about 12handz

12Handz is a guided-marketing tool for small and medium businesses. It’s simple and easy to use, meeting all your digital marketing needs in one tool: CRM, online booking and payments, DIY website builder, automated marketing, social posting, review management and more.

Using 12Handz is intuitive and informative. It is the only SMB marketing platform that gives you a free, personalised and professional marketing plan. Complete with all the tools to put it into practice, and expert help any time you need it.

Our marketing features have been built with small and medium businesses in mind. This means that they are effective and powerful – but easy to use. They are designed for business owners just like you, who need to deal with all aspects of their business – human resources, product, logistics and more – and aren’t professional marketers. That’s why they need marketing tools that work for them, rather than marketing tools that are hard work.

We champion British SMBs by guiding them to the right marketing for their business, saving them the time, money and effort wasted in doing it wrong.

We apply a unique combination of robust technology, our thorough understanding across industries, the SMB’s ambitions and human expertise to pinpoint each business’ most effective marketing activities. This is delivered, free, in a step-by-step plan, easily implemented via the 12Handz platform tools or by your assigned Marketing Expert.

We believe you don’t have to have big budgets to do clever marketing. You just need to know what marketing is right for you. Our personalised plans show small and medium businesses exactly what marketing they should be doing - and how to do it. And we make our free plan to champion small and medium businesses success.

SMBs struggle with marketing. It takes precious time. It eats scarce budgets. It demands know-how. And when it doesn’t give the right results, it’s frustrating. 12Handz solves all these problems. The entire platform is designed purely for SMBs to do marketing that actually benefits their businesses. Easily. Effectively. Efficiently.

12Handz costs £49 per month, but if you sign up now you will receive the first 3 months free!

Once the free trial ends, you will receive an email asking you to choose your payment method to make sure we can keep helping you execute great marketing that’s right for your business.

It’s no problem. There is no cancellation fee. And we’ll always be happy to have you back when you’re good and ready. You can also choose to deactivate your account instead of deleting it. If you deactivate,  you’ll still stop paying, but all your data will be saved, so you can hit the ground running if you choose to return. 

Yes, you can access your 12Handz account from any computer anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.  

You can also download our mobile app for Android here or the  iPhone app  here.