Add a Customer Story to your site

Good case studies doesn't have to belong or super detailed. Telling an interesting, relevant story is much more important. Before you start writing, think about what you want your case study to do. Do you want to show off the types of clients you already work with? Demonstrate a particular product or service? Talk about your team? Knowing the purpose of your case study is a great way to focus your thinking. And that will make for better writing.

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A powerful case will cover these three killer points:  

1. Introduce the customer and their problem

2. How did your business solve it?  

3. What was the outcome?  

Got any good quotes and pictures? They can really bring your story to life. And here’s another tip. Proof read your case study carefully before posting. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar say a lot about your attention to detail. So check yours carefully before you post.