Add a glowing customer testimonial to your website

A customer testimonial is a short quote by a happy customer, which you can add to your website and feature in prominent pages, such as your home page, services pages or a separate section for customer testimonials. In the quote, the customers would usually tell about the quality of your service, how happy they are with your business, etc. Alongside the quote, should be the customer’s name and optionally, their age and location.

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1. Collect a positive testimonial by using one of the following methods:

a. Call one of your happy customers and ask them for a short testimonial, using the following guiding questions:

  • Why did you choose my business?
  • How would you explain my service to a friend?
  • Why would you recommend my service?

b. Locate a positive review on Google Business Profile, Trustpilot or any other listing where customers have reviewed you.

Take a quote out of the review which you think is positive and represents the entire review – and upload it to your website.

2. Create a powerful testimonial that sales.  Try using one of the following examples:

In case you decided to reach out to a customer, here a few templates you can use, based on what your customer said. These templates can come in handy if the customers words aren’t too clear or eloquent, but be careful not to over-embellish your customers’ quotes, and if you do change them – get approval from the customer for their quotes, before publishing them on your website:

  • I wouldn't go anywhere other than <your business name> for my <your signature service>. I've been coming here for 4 years and I've never been disappointed. And I am hard to please! They're easily the best <your category> in <your area>" <Customer Name>, <Customer company name>
  • "The service I received from <your business name> has been second to none." <Customer Name>, <Customer company name>
  • We've been working with <Customer business name> for over <x amount of> years. Here's what they've got to say about us:
    "It's easy to recommend <your business name>. They never fail to impress with their professional service. They are always prompt, friendly and incredibly thorough."

3. Add the testimonial to your website where visitors can easily find it such as your homepage or a dedicated testimonial page in a form of text, A banner or a slider (if you have several testimonials to share)