Add Q&As to your Google Business profile

There’s a powerful feature of Google Business that far too many business owners overlook. It’s the Q&As. We’re going to show you how to start using yours. But let’s start with the basics. Why are Q&As so useful? Well, just think about your own online buying behaviour. Before making a decision, most of us like to feel informed. We like reassurance. Facts. Clarification. Giving potential customers really relevant information and guidance at exactly the moment they’re searching for a business like yours is a great way to nudge them further towards that all-important conversion

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What Q&As should you feature?

A great starting point is to think about the most common conversations you have with customers. What questions do people always ask? What do they want to know before buying? Is there a misconception about your product or service you keep having to clear up? What’s the piece of information you give that makes people go ‘Great, I’m convinced’?

Get writing

With the above in mind, it’s time to write your Questions. Keep them short, simple and specific.  

Got them? Now flip your mind into Answer mode. You’ll need to get straight to the point as you only have 400 characters for your Answer. Simple, confident straightforward answers show how easy you are to deal with.  

How many do you need? Start with 4 or 5. You can always add more later.  

Q&A like a pro

A clever technique is to provide more information in your Answer than the Question asked for. For example, imagine a question is “Do you take Apple Pay?”  An ok answer might be “Yes, both our shop and online store are set up to accept Apple Pay.” A much better answer might be “Of course. We take all Digital Wallets. And the usual Cards (not Amex, sorry).  Even cash in our actual shop.”  See the difference? Answer the question first, then share extra relevant information.

Add your Q&As to your profile

Got your Q&As ready to go? Now you’ll want add them to your Google Business profile. And to do this, you have to act like a customer.  

  • Log into Google with a personal Google account (not your business account)  
  • Search for your business  
  • When you find your Google Business profile, click the ‘Ask A Question’ button  
  • Enter one of your pre-prepared Questions in the field provided

Now you need to swap back into Business mode.  

  • Log in to your Google Business profile  
  • Respond to the Question with your prepared Answer.  
  • Repeat these steps for all of your 4-5 Q&As.  

Keep checking your Q&As

Your Q&As should answer your most popular customer queries. But real customers may well add their own questions. Be sure to answer them promptly and as helpfully as you can.