Align all your business info across directories and social profiles

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Your business probably has listings across several directories and social media networks, such as Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, Yell and trade directories, among others.

As your business grows and changes, the business information featured on those listings might become out of date.
You must make sure all the information on these directories is correct and consistent.

Let’s take a simple example of why this is important: say you’ve changed your business hours but that change doesn't appear in your Google Business Profile.
That might lead customers to visit your business when it’s closed, leading to frustration and the probability that they won't try to contact you again.

The same goes for the wrong email or website address. Customers who can’t reach you might take their business elsewhere.

They could also assume that you’re no longer in business if their emails are returned and your website says “404 Error”.

To prevent this from happening, you need to make sure to have up-to-date information in all the relevant directories, and this information needs to be the same everywhere.

Here are the things you need to check:

  1. Business name - if you changed your business name, make sure that the most up to date version is what customers see across all your listing
  1. Phone number and email address – make sure they are correct and the ones at which you can definitely be reached
  1. Business hours – state them clearly
  1. Physical address – it should be accurate across directories for customers who want to visit your business
  1. List of services and products – update and refresh this list periodically
  1. Questions and answers – if some answers have become irrelevant, update that info. It’s also OK to add questions and answers of your own.  
  1. Payment methods – update this information to reflect changes in your business