Create A Pricing Page On Your Website

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A pricing page will help you pull in potential customers as they shop around trying to decide on a garage. It will also help get across the message that you’re transparent about your prices, and a business that can be trusted. This is how you can get started with a pricing page:

Intro Paragraph

If there are factors that affect your pricing, you can write a short intro paragraph about it. If you specialise in specific models and years they were manufactured, this is also the place to mention that. Any type of additions to the prices you’re about to list should also go in this paragraph.

Services List and Pricing

The next step is to put together a full services list and, if possible, group them into categories. Here are some examples of services and categories:

  • MOT and pre-MOT checks
  • Seasonal checks
  • Tyre services (replacement, alignment, etc.)
  • Full engine service

Once you have your services list, try and add a short description to each, to give the customer an idea of what they will be getting. Clients don’t always understand the names and words used by garages, so you should also add an explanation in simple terms for any trade lingo you use.  

Now is the time to give a price to each service. If the price isn’t fixed, you can instead provide a range, and explain why the price here could vary. You can also add booking and contact options to book your service or to contact you next to each service you add.