Create a video for a job you're proud of

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Videos are a great way to present your work to potential customers and encourage them to become paying ones.

Contrary to popular belief, videos don’t have to be a lot of work or require a lot of money. They can be filmed using your smartphone, and edited (if necessary) through a free editing app. So, let’s dive in – this is how you can create a video of a job you’re proud of:

Step 1: Get the approval of your customer

Before setting out to create your video, you need to make sure your customer is OK with you shooting the video and then posting it online.  

Step 2: The Before

At this stage, you’ll be shooting some footage of what things looked like before you stepped in. While you’re shooting, make sure to add some commentary explaining what the viewers are seeing.  

Step 3: The Process

This is where you should take a few videos of the work you’re doing, while you’re doing it. Make sure the viewers can see clearly and also understand exactly what’s going on – a voiceover explaining what’s happening is important here too.

Step 4: The After

This part will probably be the most fun to shoot. Make sure you have enough light to make this footage seem as attractive as possible. Don’t shy away from going over different parts of the job and showing them from different angles – this is your time to shine! Again, explain everything the viewer is seeing and how you were able to get there.

Step 5 (Optional): Interview with the Customer

If your customer is happy with the job and not camera-shy, you could ask them to say a few words for the video. Ask them what they thought about the quality and speed of your work, your communication with them or anything else you want to mention. Your customer’s praise will work its magic on other potential customers watching the video.  

Some general notes:

  • Don’t make your video too long. 1-2 minutes is sufficient to show off your work, without viewers getting bored.
  • Don’t use overly technical terms. If your customers are consumers who don’t understand much about electricity, try to use layman’s terms.  
  • Jazz up your videos with some background music. Here is a list of 10 apps that allow you to add music to your videos.