Enrich your Yell.com profile

Your Yell.com listing is the first thing potential customers will see. So it should look good and be as effective as possible, to turn potential into paying customers!

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Here are some ways to improve your Yell.com listing:

  1. Make sure the business hours and contact details listed are correct
  1. Add payment methods if you haven’t already
  1. Look at your services list and add any new services  
  1. Add images from new, recent jobs
  1. Add images of yourself – it adds a nice personal touch
  1. Update your business description if needed
  1. Add any new accreditations or qualifications  
  1. Add links to your social accounts

How to edit and add information to your Yell.com listing:

  1. Go to https://www.yell.com/editbusiness
  1. In the Strapline you can add a few words about you and your business
  1. In Business Highlights you add more details about your business
  1. You can also change your Headline to more accurately reflect your business. Description is where you can add more details
  1. The Services and Products section is where you add your offering – make it a point to always keep this section populated and accurate, as this will help you rank higher on Google searches
  1. Photos – you can add up to 20 photos in this section
  1. You can add Deals or a coupon. Don’t forget the start and end date, if your promotion is time limited
  1. Associations and Qualifications is where you add the professional organisations you belong to and your accreditations
  1. Contact Details is the place to add your opening hours, phone number, website and physical address. If you change those, Yell will get in touch with you to verify them
  1. Don’t forget to click Save after every change you make
  1. You will then be able to view your updated listing on Yell.com!