How Native Advertising Networks Can Get You New Business

Taboola and Outbrain are some of the most popular native advertising networks out there. The reason you should know more about them is that advertising on them can be highly effective in bringing in new business, much like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. So let’s dive right in:

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What are native advertising networks?

Native advertising networks allow you to create ads that have the look and feel of an article on any given publisher website. You can then post your ads to those websites, mainly popular blogs and news outlets, so they blend in seamlessly with the website content.

For example, when a user reads an article about new tax regulation on The Independent, they would also see your article about the challenges this regulation presents for small businesses. This makes the user likely to take an interest in your article and click it, discovering your accountancy firm and the ways it can help small businesses with their tax management.  

This is what these ads look like on, for example:  

Taboola and Outbrain have partnered with leading UK online publishers, such as Daily Mail, BBC, Sky News, Mail Online, The Independent, Metro, Daily Mirror, Elle, Men’s Health and more. This means that you can leverage the readerships of those websites to present them your ads and content.  

What are the benefits of native advertising?

1.Reach more potential clients than ever before

Native advertising networks allow you to reach wider audiences. If we take Taboola as an example, it boasts serving more than 450 billion content recommendations to more than 1.4 billion unique visitors monthly, worldwide. This way, you can leverage the popularity of such online outlets as Sky News or BBC and get your firm in front of potential clients who might have not discovered it otherwise.  

2. Increase your chances of getting a lead or a new client

With native advertising, you’ll be showing your ads to users who are already in “discovery mode”. They opened their computer or smartphone looking to read content about the topics relevant to them. So if we go back to the example about an article on new tax regulation, the person who has read that article on The Independent, will be more inclined to discover more about it – and that’s exactly when you’d be presenting them with your article. This increases the chance of this person reading it – and potentially becoming your client.

3. Ads that feel like a natural part of the website

Native advertising aims to create ads that feel organic and offer valuable content to the target audience. This way, the chances that your target audience click on it and read more about your businesses are higher.

Consumers have grown both weary and wary of aggressive advertising, that offers them no value over time. Those kind of ads also tend to disrupt their reading experience and demand their attention when they’re just interested in reading or watching the content of their choice. This is why users often react better to native ads, clicking them at a rate 5-8x higher than that of “regular”, banner ads.  

4. Smarter use of your ad budget

When your ads are getting more clicks, this also means that your ad budget is being used more efficiently than before. More clicks often mean more leads, which indicates that your ad budget is leveraged to bring in more new business. It’s important to mention that ad results hinge also on the ad content, the right targeting, and other factors. So it’s important to track the performance of your ads on all platforms, native and otherwise, to get a clearer image of how a campaign on one network is performing vs. another.  

5. Advertising that bolsters your brand

With native advertising networks, you are required to create high-quality content that will engage your target audience. So the first time a potential client discovers your business, it’s being discovered through a valuable article, that demonstrates your expertise and knowledge in different aspects of your field. This gives you a strong starting point with your potential client, who is now more likely to become a paying client.

By serving your target audience helpful, professional content, you will be strengthening your brand as an authority in your field, as well as a reliable, qualified business. Client trust is a significant factor when picking a business, so by establishing your authority and knowledge, you’d be increasing the chances that potential clients would seek your services and become paying ones.