How to add a Service Menu to your Google Business Profile listing

Make it easier for would-be customers to see your full range of services, complete with a handy description and up-to-date prices. Here’s how to add yours.

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1. Sign in to Google Business Profile

From the main menu, click ‘Info’. Now choose ‘Services’ and ‘Edit’. You’re now ready to create your menu.

2. Create your menu

Your menu is helpfully grouped into sections and items.  

Let’s imagine you’re a nail bar.  

Here, a ‘section’ could be Manicures. And ‘items’ could include an Express Mani, Luxury Manicure, Relaxation Pamper, Aromatherapy Manicure.  

As well as giving each item a ‘name’, each has a 1,000 character description to help you sell each service. Try to make them as distinct as possible. Remember to add the price, too.  

All done? Click ‘Save’.  

3. Keep it updated

If you stop offering a service, remember to remove it from your menu. Prices changed? Edit them here, too. Think of your Google Business Profile menu like a menu in a restaurant. You know that horrible feeling when  something that’s caught your eye isn’t actually available that day? That’s the same experience as outdated information on Google Business Profile. You've added a menu. Look after it.