How to add new photos to your Google Business Profile

Smile! It's photo time. Publishing new photos on your Google Business Profile doesn’t only show off your business’ best side. Regularly updating your photos is a real algorithm-pleasing tactic. Google prioritises pages with fresh new visual content over those that always have the same images. In other words, new photos = better rankings. Here’s how to do it.

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1. What makes a good new photo?

Check out this list of ideas to inspire your new, engaging photos. You’ll want about 4 or 5.

  • Are you selling any new products?  
  • Offering any new services?  
  • Completed any new projects?  
  • Won any new clients?  
  • Hired any new team members?
  • Have you changed / improved your premises?  
  • Got a new office pet?  
  • Held any events?  
  • Been featured in any publications?  
  • Been invited on any podcasts?  
  • Spoken at any events?  
  • Got a new uniform?
  • Got any new company branded vehicles?  

Did you know? Our eyes are drawn to photos with people in more than those without. So while a photo of your company van is beautiful we’re sure, a picture of the same van with a smiling team member beside it is even more powerful.  

2. Log in to Google Business

Choose ‘Post+’- then ‘Add Photos/Videos’.  

If you’re in the Google Business App, save time by uploading straight from your phone. Otherwise, upload your photos from your desktop. Either way, remember to check the position and cropping of your pictures. Does anything need adjusting?  

And that’s it. You’ve now got fresh, updated content on your Google Business page. And you’ve just made an algorithm very, very happy.