How to list your business on Bing Places

Bing? Really? We say yes. And here’s why. Not only does still have a fair portion of search engine share, listing your business on their platform helps build your online reputation. Customers expect you to be where they’re looking. And if they’re looking via Bing, then it pays to be there. Here’s how you get yourself listed.

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1. Import, Claim or Add your business listing

2. Complete your profile

3. Verify your listing

Like most platforms, Bing want to check you are really you before your listing goes live. More good news if you’ve got a Google My Business listing: you’re in for a speedy and smooth verification process. For everyone else, you’ll need to wait for a PIN (it'll come by post, phone or email – you choose) which you enter on your Bing dashboard.  

And that’s it. You’re all done. Listed on another platform, in control of your online business information and building your business’ reputation.