How to list your business on

An up-to-date listing on isn’t only a great way to boost your local SEO. It's a brilliant brand building tool, too. Accurate, informative listings reassure potential customers you’re a reliable, professional and trusted business. And if that’s not worth setting up a listing for, we don’t know what is. Here’s how you do it.

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1. Find your business

Head straight to Yell and search to see if your business is already listed.  

Found it? Click on your business name to open your Profile Pages.  

Not there? Then you’ll need to add your business yourself. More about that in Step 3 .

2. Manage your page

Click the ‘Is this your business’ flag on the left-hand side. You’ll be asked to log in or register for an account.

3. Log in or register

If you’re already set up with Yell, log in with your email and password.

If you’re new to Yell, or you’re adding a new business you’ll need to set up an account with a few simple steps. You’ll be asked to confirm you’re the business owner and accept Yell’s terms before proceeding.

4. Edit and update your Profile Pages

Now it’s time to customise your business listing. Go to your Profile Page and click ‘Manage this Page’ in the bottom right-hand corner. This will log you in to Your Business Listing page (think of this as the home page of all your Profile Pages). Here you’ll find all the information that’s currently held about your business. You can edit and add to this information in the Preview function or by using the left-hand navigation.

5. Describe your business

This could well be the most important part of your Yell listing, so take time to do it properly. As your description is how your business will get found, it’s important to include words and phrases that potential customers would use when searching for a company like yours.

6. Add a Headline

Despite the name, you don’t have to write anything clever in this space. Most businesses use this to highlight a special offer or promotion to pull customers in. You could also give customers a compelling reason to choose your business over your competitors. Keep it clear and short – you’ve only got 180 characters.

7. Add your Business Services and Products

Here’s where Yell is really handy. It has pre-populated service and product suggestions for your type of business, ready for you to add to your listing. You can add up to 40 services and re-order them at any time. And if your products and services aren’t on the list, you can add your own. That’s a real plus, as it proves your offering is different to everyone else’s and will help you stand out!

8. Add your Opening Hours

It sounds obvious, we know. But up-to-date opening hours is one of the most helpful bits of information you can give a potential customer. After all, if they don’t know when you're open, how can they buy from you?

9. Add your Payment Details

Customers like to know if their preferred method is accepted. Tell them up front in your listing, so they know what to expect.

10. Add quality photos

Yell has a very generous photo allowance. Because you can upload up to 20 images you can really showcase your products and services. A nice idea is to use the same photos you use on your website for a visually consistent experience. Got a video about your business? Use that too!

11. Add your Deals

The Yell ‘Deal’ function makes it easy to push any promotions you are running in your listing. There’s a handy deal template, or you can simply add your own wording.

12. And finally, remember to add your contact details

Get into the regular habit of checking all your contact details are correct. Make sure you’ve got your link to your website (check it’s working!) and your social media, plus your phone number and business address if relevant.

One of our favourite things about Yell is that any updates you make to your Profile Pages are live within seconds. And of course, it’s not just where your listing will get noticed. Your Profile Pages are picked up by all other major search engines, too.