How to set up your Google Business Profile listing

We know what you’re thinking: why Google Business? The answer is simple As well as getting you found on Google Search and Google Maps, Google Business plays a vital role in your all-important local SEO. Having an up-to-date, accurate listing can really supercharge those essential search rankings! It only takes a few minutes to get set up on Google My Business, and it will definitely pay off! Here’s how to do it.

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1. Set up a new Google Account

As you’d expect, you will need a Google Account to use a Google Business Profile. If you haven’t already got one, you can  quickly set yours up here. It really is easy!  You can create a new Gmail email address here too, or use an existing one. You’ll receive verification codes and all the information you need via your Gmail account, so just make sure you can access it during the setup process and beyond.

2. Go to

Tip: bookmark this page. You’ll be coming here a lot. Click on ‘Manage Now'.

3. Enter your business name

Enter the name of your business to see if it’s already listed. If it’s already there, check if it has been claimed. If it is, click on  ‘Request Access’ and fill in the simple form to claim it. Not there already? SImply click on ‘Add my business to Google’ to start building your profile.

4. Add your business address

If you meet and serve your customers at your premises, you’ll want to add your business address.   If you visit or deliver to customers, make sure you tick the box under the address form. This will enable you to add details about which areas you cover.

5. Choose your business category

This part requires some careful thinking. The category you choose will influence the search terms that Google uses to find your business. If you’re unsure what category best suits your line of work, try searching for your competitors and see what categories they are using.

6. Add your contact details

Adding your contact information is a marketing must! After all, incorrect or missing contact details could mean missed business opportunities. Your customers expect a professional interaction with your brand across all channels – so make sure you give it to them.   12handz Bonus 1 Only have one phone? Not a problem! At 12handz, we make it easy for you to separate your personal calls from your business calls with a tracked number. You’ll also get handy caller insights to analyse your data. Ask your marketing expert to find out more.   12handz Bonus 2 Imagine how much more time you would have to work on your business if you had your very own PA to handle all of your leads, bookings and enquiries. We can get that arranged for you. Just ask your marketing expert how it works.

7. Verifiication time

For your own security, Google will need to confirm that you and your business are who you say you are. If you’ve set up a new Google Business profile, you can verify your account  in one of three ways:  

By post: Google can send a postcard to the business address you’ve set up on your profile. This postcard will contain a code that you can use to verify your business. It typically takes around a week for your postcard to arrive.      

By phone: Verification by phone is quick and easy but it is not yet available to everyone. If you’re offered this option, Google will call you with your unique verification code.  

By email: Some businesses are able to verify their account via email. If you qualify, you’ll be offered the chance to receive a verification code via email.

This will be sent to the Gmail address linked to your Google Business profile, so make sure you can access it.  
If you run into any hiccups, just ask your marketing expert to lend a hand. We are here to help.

All done! Now you can customise your listing!
The groundwork is complete and your business is set up. (It wasn’t that bad, was it!?) Now the fun bit starts! It’s time to optimise your Google Business profile to ensure your listing engages with all those potential new customers! To maximise the potential of your listing, make sure you:
Add photos and videos  
Write a compelling business description telling customers why they should use your company.  
Add some powerful and relevant Q&AsShowcase any offers and promotions Don’t forget to look out for new Google Business activities on your personal marketing plan. They’ll help you to make the most of this tool, and of course, we will guide you every step of the way.