How to start email signature marketing

Just think. How many emails you do send a week? Then think about this: every single one is a powerful marketing opportunity. And we’re not talking about what you write in your emails, or who’s in your email contacts (although that matters too, of course). This is all about the most overlooked part of the humble email: Your signature. Your signature is a free, effective and hugely underused marketing tool that’s perfectly placed (literally) to drive new traffic to your website, to raise your brand profile and even deliver your USP. Here’s how to make email signature marketing work for you.

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Adding a signature

The steps for adding a signature will vary depending on which email client you use.  


  • Settings > Mail > Compose & Reply > Email Signatures
  • After adding your signature check both the ‘Automatically include on new messages I send’ AND ‘Automatically include on new messages I forward and reply’.  
  • Click Save.  


  • Settings > See all settings > Signatures
  • Add and edit your signatures and then click Save Changes.  

Mac Mail:

  • Mail > Preferences > Signatures
  • Create and edit your signature
  • Check the ‘Place signature above quoted text’ box.  

Signature essentials

A signature isn’t something that ends an email. It should start an action. And a pretty useful action is to tell people how to contact you. Here are the absolute basics you’ll want your new and improved signature to include:  

  • Your name
  • Your title  
  • Your company name
  • A link to your website  
  • Your phone number  
  • Your business address, if you serve customers at your premises

Once you’ve got the basics covered, use these tips to make your signature work even harder.  

Add your opening hours

Now you’re helping customers contact you, it’s smart to let them know when you’re open. Add your opening hours if it’s relevant.  

Invite them to follow you

Make it easy for your contacts to follow you by adding links to your social business pages in your signature.

Add your USP (Unique Value Proposition), slogan or value proposition

Do you use a slogan anywhere? Or have a simple ‘lift pitch’ that explains why your business is so good? Use it in your signature!  

Add social proof

If awards and accreditations are important in your industry, add your best and most relevant ones to your signature. That could be a logo, or a simple line of text. For example:  

  • Voted Salon of the Year 2021 by XXXX
  • Winner: Most Courteous Builders Award 2020
  • Fully compliant to ISO 1238238
  • Stockport’s longest established solicitors  

Of course, a signature doesn’t only have to be text. You can (and should) add your business logo too. And if you want to take your email signature marketing to the next level, add a banner.  

Why banners work

A banner in a signature looks like a digital ad. It captures attention, gives a strong call-to-action and drives traffic from your email straight to your website. Eye-catching visuals and colours really stand out in the standard black and white email space, too.  

Of course, what you say in your banner will depend on what you want your email reader to do. Here are some ideas to get you started:  

  • Goal: Showcase a new product launch. Banner call-to-action:  Click to buy / Find out more  
  • Goal: Announce a new premises. Banner call-to-action: Click for a virtual tour
  • Goal:  Share glowing customer feedback. Banner call-to-action:  Click for more testimonials
  • Goal: Announce a new edition of your newsletter. Banner call-to-action: Click to read / Sign up 
  • Goal: Promote your stand at a new event. Banner call-to-action: Click to book a meeting
  • Goal: Promote a offer. Banner call-to-action: Click to claim it

You can even explore the art of automating different banners for different email recipients. But for now, actioning the steps above is your priority.  

And on that note, we’re signing off.