How to Use Your Personal Facebook Profile for Business

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As an SMB owner, you’ve probably started your Facebook business page by now, and if you haven’t, you definitely should. But how about using your personal Facebook profile to help your business?

In addition to friends and family, some of your Facebook friends are also current or potential customers, so making small changes to your personal profile to support your business can help your company.

Plus, potential customers will often go to your personal profile to find out a bit more about the “face” of the business, so it’s a good idea to make some tweaks to it in anticipation of those searches. This is how you can do that:

  1. Adjust Privacy Settings

Facebook privacy settings determine who can see your information, photos, posts, videos and so on. These can be your Facebook friends, or anyone with a profile, or a combination of both.

If you want to use your profile to support your business, it’s advisable to change your privacy settings to public. If you’re uncomfortable with that, you can set settings for certain info to public, while other posts and photos can remain open only to your Facebook Friends.

To change your privacy settings, go to your home page and click the drop-down arrow at the top left of the page, where it says Account. Then click on Settings & Privacy, then on Privacy Checkup and then Who Can See What You Share. There you can decide what to keep private and what to share publicly.

  1. Add Professional Details and Photos

To support your business, you can add its name on your professional profile. Adding a few photos of you meeting customers or providing services to them is also a good idea.

To help potential customers get in touch with you, you can add your email and contact details.  

  1. Update Your Profile Photo and Cover Image

Your profile photo and cover image are great tools for adjusting your profile to support your business.  You can add a profile photo that features you in your business-branded apparel, such as a T-shirt, a sweater or a cap.

Your cover image can also be business-related and show your office or shop.

  1. Take Part in Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the best ways to engage with potential customers and business partners on Facebook. Not all groups allow business pages to join them, but you can join those with your personal profile.

In those groups, you can offer your advice to potential customers, join professional discussions and seek collaborations and new business.  

  1. Share Major News

Not all professional posts will be appropriate for your personal profile, but some will be, such as the opening of a new branch, new business partners, new services or products, etc.

Don’t shy away from sharing professional achievements and news on your personal profile. Your connections are likely to “like” and comment on those, and even share them. That way, your posts can reach other Facebook users – engaging with people that you are currently not connected to, and generating new business for your company.