List your business on Trustpilot

Why have a listing on Trustpilot? Well, if anyone reviews your business on Trustpilot, your profile is the first thing they’ll see. Customising this profile is an easy way to make sure it sends the right message about your business. Ready? Here’s how to do it.

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1. Claim your business profile

Head to Trustpilot and click ‘Create Free Account’.

2. Enter your business details

Trustpilot like it when you use an email address that matches your website’s domain. So if you are claiming the domain, it’s best to use an email like  If you don’t have an email that matches your domain, you’ll have to go through some extra verification steps.  

When you’re done, hit Create Free Account and they’ll send you an activation email.  

3. Activate your account

When your email arrives, it’ll contain an activation link. Click it to go back to Trustpilot, choose a password and accept their T&Cs before hitting Complete SetUp.

If you didn’t set up your account with an email that matches your domain name, you’ll have to jump through a few extra hoops to verify you are who you say you are. But don’t worry.  The steps are pretty simple and the instructions are clear.  

4. Customize your profile

Do you meet and serve your customers at your premises? Then you’ll want to add your business address.  

If your line of work sees you going out to customers, or delivering goods to them, be sure to tick the check box under the address form. This lets you add details about which areas you cover.  

Remember to save any changes you make. And just so you know, it can take about 20 minutes for updates to appear on your live Trustpilot profile page.

If you want to customise your Trustpilot profile further, like adding promotions or driving traffic to your social accounts, you’ll need the paid-for add-on module ‘Enhance’. But for right now, this basic customization is a great first step