Post Top 5 Accounting/ Bookeeping/ Tax Trends for 2022 to Facebook groups

Post Top 5 Accounting/ Bookeeping/ Tax Trends for 2022 to Facebook groups

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Here are our firm's predictions for the top accounting trends in 2022. Tell us what you think about these trends and share yours with us:

a. Automating accounting processes - this is an ongoing trend, that will also help businesses to arrive at data-driven decisions (but no need to worry about the jobs of in-house accountants, since those systems will need internal, human auditing)

b. Remote work - this probably comes as no surprise, in view of COVID-19, but we expect this trend to grow stronger in the upcoming years

c. Cloud-based accounting - This is also an ongoing trend, tightly connected to the previous trend we cited

d. Data-driven decision making - data analytics allow accountants to come up with actionable insights that help improve clients' performance, and we definitely see this trend becoming an industry standard

e. Accountants increasingly becoming business advisers, rather than just transactional accountants - this is the expectation we see among our clients, and more firms should be ready to step up to the challenge

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