How does 12Handz work?

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Hi there!

To begin your journey, watch this video.

Welcome to 12Handz. We’re super excited to start our journey together and we can’t wait to show you your made-to-measure plan, built just for your business. Let’s take a quick look at how it works.

The Plan

At 12Handz, what sets us apart is that we create a step-by-step plan for you to achieve your precise marketing goals.

It includes everything you need to create an effective web presence, get traffic flowing to it, and ensure that your marketing grows your business.

So, how do we build the plan?

Your customised, made-to-measure plan includes 2 parts:

  • Our tested marketing method (”The Four Pillars”)
  • A powerful personalisation engine that tailors the plan to your specific business needs

I: The Four Pillars

There are fundamental things that every marketing plan must address, no matter what kind of business you run or the size of it. We call them (epic music, please!) TheFour Pillars.

We’ll tell you more about the four pillars of online marketing during our journey, but for now, here they are with a little explanation on each one.

  1. Discoverability - Being found when someone is searching for a service or a product you offer can’t be left to chance. Much of what you’ll do in the upcoming weeks and beyond, is to increase your position in the searches that matter to you.
  2. Awareness - You don’t have to wait for people to hear about your business, people need what you offer. The digital marketing world offers so many ways to approach potential customers, gaining brand awareness will only mean people     think of you when they need you!     We’ll help you set up and run the most effective efforts to spread the word about your business.
  3. Conversion - OKAY, so you’ve got someone to reach your website or social profile. So, how do you communicate that you’re the best fit for them? And how do you make sure your website is a deal closer? We’ll go through that as well. Helping you converting your visitors into customers is what we do!
  4. Trust - All the other pillars don’t work if the people you’re reaching don’t trust you. We will guide you to build the foundations of trust through your marketing, represented through your highest business achievements, and help you to succeed in creating new ones.

II: Personalisation

One size doesn’t fit all: Your business is unique, and so is the plan we create for it. We do this in 2 ways:

  1. We use the answers you give us when registering, to make the perfect plan, built just for you.
  2. As we go along, and see what brings your business the best results, we’re constantly improving your plan, so it’s even more accurate.


Well, enough said for now (we’ll provide you with more information as you go along). Let’s get on with creating your amazing marketing machine!


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