Why Growing Your Online Reviews Can Double Your Revenue

Many businesses feature reviews, either on their website, social media or online directories and review sites. But some businesses just enable reviews – and forget about them. We’re here to tell you that instead of doing this, you should actively work to grow your review numbers. This is why:

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  1. 72% of customers say they use Google reviews to find businesses

Google is a key marketing channel for small businesses. It’s where many customers start their journey towards a purchase – by Googling the service or product they’re seeking. Reviews allow new customers to discover your business on Google by boosting your SEO and making your Google Business Profile stand out. That matters if you’re looking to capture the attention of 72% of consumers.

  1. Nine out of ten customers read reviews before buying a product

Now that you’ve been discovered by potential customers, the next stage in their journey is the purchasing decision. Reviews help 90% of consumers to make this decision. That’s a good reason to grow the number of your reviews.

  1. Businesses with a minimum of 200 reviews generate twice as much revenue

You’ve used reviews to be discovered by potential customers and then to persuade them they should choose your business over your competitors. The result? Businesses with 200 reviews and more have reported double the income of businesses with fewer than 200 reviews. Having multiple reviews creates an image of an established, trusted business, which new customers find convincing.  

What you can do to leverage your reviews

As we mentioned earlier, it’s not enough to just enable online reviews. There are effective ways to grow your reviews and leverage them to get new business. In your marketing plan, we will walk you through the following tactics:  

  1. Track all your reviews and reply to each one
  1. Encourage existing customers to write reviews  
  1. Feature review abstracts from online directories and review sites on your website