Why It’s Important to Get Back to Leads as Quickly as Possible

As a business, you probably have several channels where you gather leads. But whether you get most of your leads from a Contact Us form on your website or from your Facebook inbox, one thing is true: it’s imperative to get back to your leads as soon as possible. Why? Because studies have shown that 35%-50% of sales go to the business that responds to customers first. There are many reasons for that: firstly, customers have a “shopping mindset”. The browse for services and products when they have the time and need for them. Once they are busy with other tasks, they might not be as interested in buying from you as there were when they first left their contact information. Secondly, your competitors can easily get ahead of you, by engaging your leads before you and sealing the deal. So here are a few tips of how you can shorten your Lead Response times:

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Set up notifications

Make sure you are aware of every lead coming in from every channel. If you don’t have notifications about private messages on social channels, take the time to set them up. The same goes for the contact form on your website or a landing page you’ve set up for a specific campaign. Even questions asked publicly on your Google Business listing can turn into leads. So it’s important to understand all the channels generating leads and keep track of them. Luckly 12handz can help with our unified Inbox.

Assign an employee to get back to leads

Often, things tend to fall through the cracks. To prevent that from happening, assign an employee or several, whose job it will be to track new leads and get back to them. Make sure that employees are aware of every lead and know how to respond.  

More importantly – make sure they are available to respond. If this employee or employees have several areas of responsibility, make it known to them that leads are their priority, and if there are other urgent tasks – they can delegate those to another employee, in order to free up their time.  

Come prepared

Getting back to leads quickly is important, but what you say in the conversation is equally as important. If you don’t know which questions you need to ask to push the deal forward, it won’t matter how long it took you to pick up the phone.  

So prepare in advance. Have a list of questions ready that will allow you to learn more about your lead and their needs. You will also need to prepare a paragraph or two explaining your business and what you have to offer. This will drive a better-informed conversation, that can more easily lead to a purchase.  

Another option is to ask some questions in your contact form. For example, if you provide services to businesses of a certain size, you can include a field asking the lead how many employees they have. If your lead’s business is too small or too big, you can always send them a polite email saying that you’re sorry but you’re unable to help them. That way, you’ll be able to filter out the leads that aren’t a good fit for your business, while focusing your time and effort only on qualified leads, with the highest potential to become paying customers.